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About Vansterdam

Founded in 2010, Vansterdam embodies the diversity of Vancouverites through retro style designs. Whether it's legalizing marijuana, promoting world peace, or demanding equality for people of all walks of life, you'll find it on a Vansterdam t-shirt.


In 2010 we launched our first hit t-shirt during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.  The t-shirt was made famous by Marc Emery who was seen smoking a large 2 foot joint while wearing this t-shirt.


In 2011 we launched the Vansterdam Canucks series. Although the Canucks lost the playoffs that year, it didn't stop Vancouverites from enjoying their favourite pastime.


From 2012 to 2016 we continued to produce new t-shirt designs with a focus on marijuana culture.

In 2017 we re-launched the website on the Shopify ecommerce platform and have started creating new designs centered around Vancouver culture, liberalism, and of course cannabis!

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